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The llonguet - A bread roll that will change your concept of a sandwich

Everything tastes better in a llonguet

If tasting the ensaimada pastry is one essential activity on any trip to Palma, then trying the llonguet is another unavoidable experience. This is one of the most typical products to come out of a Mallorcan oven. Small and oval-shaped, with a cut down the middle, this bread roll is made with white flour and usually comes lightly toasted.

You cannot go to Palma without trying a llonguet sandwich. The filling is down to you. You can cover it with a layer of jam or tomato, olive oil and salt, or even have a sandwich with ham, sobrassada sausage, Camaiot cured pork, tuna or cheese...

Where can you try it?
There are many bars, bakeries and cafés that offer breakfasts and sandwiches based on this bread roll in Palma. But an easier way of not only trying but also buying some of these is on the so-called Ruta del Llonguet (Llonguet Route) event which takes place annually during the second half of the year, lasts for three months and includes more than 30 of the city’s establishments: Link to the route.


The llonguet festival
If your trip to Palma coincides with the last Sunday in April, don’t miss the Fira del Llonguet (Llonguet Festival) held every year in Es Pil·larí which brings together an infinite variety of combinations with one common denominator: this oven-baked delicacy.  Fira del Llonguet festival