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Restaurants and nightlife

If you like dining out and nightlife, Palma is the place to be. Enjoy all the leisure areas this city has to offer.

In a city like Palma, synonymous with the Mediterranean, it is almost compulsory to try the excellent local cuisine. Traditional recipes made with the most exquisite fresh produce from the sea and land have given birth to popular dishes such as el tumbet and el frit, amongst others. You will find more than 1,000 restaurants with a wide range of cuisine from all over the world. Palma de Mallorca is popular with great international chefs who offer locals the most innovative and creative recipes.


The most popular restaurant areas are the following:


Historic centre and old town

Palma’s old town is the biggest in Europe, therefore it has both traditional and stylish restaurants, bars and cafés in  abundance.  There is a broad range of cuisine on offer:  Mallorcan, Mediterranean, international, Italian, Basque, Galician, regional and fresh to name but a few. Not to mention the tapas and creative pintxos (Basque minibites). To round it off, try delicious traditional ice cream or ensaimada pastry with chocolate.

La Lonja - Born - Porta de Santa Catalina

Passeig  des  Born has  a vast offering  of  Mediterranean  cuisine  and  cafés where  you can  get a taste of  the wonderful  sandwiches and pa amb oli bread. From here you can access streets such as Carrer de San Feliu and Carrer dels Apuntadors, with establishments serving vegetarian, international, French, Mallorcan and Mediterranean food, as well as tapas and raciones. In Plaça de la Llotja there are also pizzerias, Basque taverns and seafood restaurants. In Avinguda de  l’Argentina  you can find  seafood, Chinese Italian, Galician and paella restaurants.

Passeig Marítim

This boulevard draws on a large quantity of establishments with diverse cuisine. There is plenty  of Mediterranean cuisine, Italian food, pizzerias and paella restaurants. As well as Chinese and Indian food. In Carrer Monsenyor Palmer you   can   try      Mexican  and Japanese food. This is also the street with the most nightclubs.

Passeig de Mallorca - Avinguda Jaume III

This is another one of   Palma’s gastronomical centres  par  excellence,   in terms of both  quantity and variety. It offers specialities such as Mediterranean, international, Basque, Caribbean, Mallorcan, Chinese and Italian food, as well as grills and fresh food.

Santa Catalina - Plaça del progrés

This area has one of the highest concentrations of restaurants and cafés. There are so many options: tapas and pa amb oli, Argentine, Italian, Mallorcan, Asturian, Japanese, African and Mediterranean food and meats. In Plaça del Progrés there are Mexican and vegetarian restaurants, as well as specialities from Vietnam.

Mercat de l'Olivar

Around this municipal  market located in central Palma  you will find a plethora of establishments specialising in Mediterranean food and fresh food. You may also be persuaded by pizzas, salads, burgers, kebabs and sandwiches, or a wide selection of tapas and pintxos (Basque minibites).

Es Molinar - Portixol

This part of the Bay of Palma is the most traditional when it comes to fish, fresh seafood, stews and rice dishes. Restaurants serving Mediterranean food, exquisite tapas and pa amb oli are sprawled along the seafront boulevard. In Carrer Capità Ramonell Boix you can try Andalusian cuisine.

Ciutat Jardí

This district by the sea, with a thought-provoking name (Garden City), harbours the city’s most popular seafood restaurants. Cooked or grilled fresh fish and seafood take precedence over Mediterranean and Mallorcan cuisine, paella restaurants and fine dining. You can also enjoy tapas and pa amb oli on the seafront.


This neighbourhood, in the hills above Bellver castle, has long been known for its Mallorcan and Mediterranean restaurants, as well as excellent meat. A few years ago, its offering extended to other culinary cultures such as Colombian and Scandinavian food.


On the road to Establiments there are great Mediterranean and Mallorcan restaurants. On the other hand, Portixol offers more diversity, drawing on stylish international restaurants specialising in

North American food, pizzas, Chinese food and pub food

Old town. Buses: 2, 46 and 15. La LLotja. Buses: 46, 15 and 50. Passeig Marítim. Buses: 1, 41 and 50. Jaume III. Bus: 2. Santa Catalina. Buses: 3, 5, 46, 41 and 50. Mercat de l’Olivar. Buses: 17, 23 and 41. Es Molinar. Buses: 15, 18, 28 and 30. Ciutat Jardí. Buses: 15, 18, 28 and 30. Gènova. Bus: 46.