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In Mallorca Arrels are roots, those roots determine the way we look at life, our way of enjoying it and how we choose to do things. Arrels presents the most traditional flavors of Mallorcan cuisine revisited by the award-winning Chef Marga Coll. Focused on fresh produce from the garden and the market, Marga presents a great variety of flavors, smells and colors tasting next to the Sea. It offers a complete breakfast menu consisting of 5 stages, a tour of the original products of the islands, traditional recipes and elaborations. For dinner offer a tasting menu of 7 courses *
Paseo de Illetes 7, 07184 Palma de Mallorca, Majorca Spain
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Sunday 09:00-11:00

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Thursday 09:00-11:00

Friday 09:00-11:00

Saturday 09:00-11:00