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Want an authentic local experience? Visit a local market

Immerse yourself in the social heartbeat of Palma

If you come to Palma, you have to visit a local market. They are great places for sampling both local products and international dishes, but also for getting to know the local products and traders, as well as the locals themselves who so value the proximity and quality offered by the markets and their long-established history in each neighbourhood.

If you come to Palma, you have to visit a local market. There is no better way to immerse yourself, to get a measure of the city’s heartbeat, to discover the products grown in Mallorca, to taste and surprise yourself, to see, smell and touch, to ask and be asked questions...

We must add an amazing organic market which takes place in Plaça Bisbe Berenguer Palau, better known as Plaza de los Patines (just in case you need to ask a local), to the list of municipal markets that we are sharing with you below. Here, every Tuesday and Saturday farmers from local farms come together to offer an infinite array of organic products spread out and displayed on traditional Mallorcan cloth.