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Modernist building

Antigua Casa de las Medias - Under the influence of Gaudí the master

Triangular balconies on a unique façade

Oh how beautiful you are, Antigua Casa de las Medias! The building’s beauty is down to the fact that Lluís Forteza Rey probably knew Gaudí, although only because his father José was the goldsmith at Palma Cathedral. The contact between these two men is important in understanding the building’s individuality. He designed and managed the building, whilst using it as his workshop, in 1906.


This five-storey building is commonly known as Antigua Casa de las Medias (The Old Stockings House), named after the local haberdashery business that was located on the ground floor.


The decorative materials used are stone on the ground floor, ornamental tiles up to the second floor and a rough texture on the rest of the façade. The decoration is based on timber ceilings with a curved trim depicting vegetation, mosaics (from tile fragments) under the balconies and circular ceramic ceilings, all from the time of the “La Roqueta” tile factory. The two triangular-shaped balconies on the fourth floor are also eye-catching.

C/ Colom, 11
07001 Palma