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Santa Fe

The church of the tanners

The history of this church is associated with the events that directly affected one of the Jewish quarters in Palma, Call Major, during the 14th century. It dates back to the year 1315, when the synagogue in the Jewish quarter was converted into the church of Santa Fe (Saint Faith), on the site where the iglesia de Montesión (Mount Zion) church stands today. It was built at the specific behest of King Sanç of Mallorca in around 1323.


In terms of its typology, it is a religious building typical of the colonial period. The guild of bleachers and tanners was very closely linked to the Chapel of Santa Fe (Saint Faith) from 1420 onwards. This chapel, in the La Calatrava district, was the location of all the important events held by the guild, undoubtedly one of the most important labour associations in the medieval city until the late 16th century. The neighbouring guild headquarters still stands today, and it preserves the late-Gothic façade, with the lions rampant (the guild’s emblem) engraved on the entrance.

Calle Església Santa Fe, 1
07001 Palma

Open to visitors, except during mass.