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Iglesia de Sant Nicolás (Saint Nicholas) church

The church and the holy rock

In Palma Baja, a short distance from one of Palma’s most elegant avenues (Es Born), stands this parish, which was created in 1302 from the parish of Santa Eulalia, the largest on the island. The current church is the result of a 17th century reconstruction. The church was re-sanctified in 1712. On the building itself, it is possible to appreciate all the stylistic periods that have shaped its history. From the Gothic period, in addition to the main door, a silver ciborium and the panel paintings depicting San Magín and San Nicolás have been preserved. The main altarpiece and the side chapels of Buen Suceso, San Antonio and Santo Cristo are from the Baroque period.


The main feature of the Neo-Gothic reform of the Parroquia de Sant Nicolás (Saint Nicholas) parish church is the open clerestory above the chapels. The bell tower, located in the apse of the church is hexagonal in shape. Attached to the outside of the wall we can see what is popularly known as the ‘holy rock’, on which Santa Catalina would prey.

Calle de Sant Nicolau, 14
07001 Palma

+34 971 723 130

Open to visitors, except during mass.