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Courtyards and mansions

Estudi General Lul·lià

A unique courtyard in the old quarter

The Estudi General Lul·lià is not lacking in history. In fact, during construction work on this building, interesting Roman architectural remains were discovered, notably including those of a temple and a portico. Today, the Estudi General Lul·lià is home to the language school, continuing the educational legacy of a space that was once the location of the Luliana University of Mallorca.


The current building, in the regionalist style,  is the result of reconstruction work carried out in the 1960s by the architect Gabriel Alomar. Some Gothic and Renaissance coats of arms and capitals remain from the original building. The courtyard is surrounded by a portico with semi-circular arches, supported by Ionic columns.


Calle de Sant Roc, 4
07001 Palma

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