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An unbeatable array of water sports

If you like the sea and sports, then welcome to Palma.

The sea is part of Palma’s DNA. The city wakes up to a deep blue backdrop, and has an intimate relationship with the Mediterranean, which it embraces thanks to its spectacular bay. Water sports take up a prime position in this special relationship, favoured by a unique climate both in terms of the temperature and wind.

Palma is a great place to practice (or take up) sports such as windsurfing (the Bay of Palma is excellent thanks to its length and its wind, as well as Palma Beach and El Arenal for their waves), sailing and motor sports (sailing clubs are your best bet here), water skiing, kayaking, kite surfing (Can Pastilla is normally the best place for fans of this sport), fliteboarding (an alternative to surfing that you can practice at El Arenal and Palma Beach), diving and scuba diving.

You will find several companies and private clubs that offer equipment to hire, as well as courses for beginners and courses to improve in different water-based activities.  Sailing clubs are also a great place to enquire about and practice your favourite water sport. In our directory you will find the location and contact details for the clubs in Palma. 

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Water sports at Palma Beach

Palma Beach is without doubt one of the best places for enjoying the beach and, of course, water sports. Palma Beach stands out for attracting all kinds of local businesses, ensuring the quality of the current leisure opportunities on offer, which are varied and adapted to all needs.