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Palma: art and culture
this autumn

Autumn is an ideal season to experience the history,
art, and culture of the Balearic capital

Thanks to its rich and varied cultural fabric, you will be able to find so many options that you will always have something to do during the days you visit Palma.

What do you most prefer?


Among the museums in Palma, you'll find offers for all tastes: from ancient historical art to the most modern contemporary compositions.


At the Museu d’Art Sacre de Mallorca, located inside the captivating Palau Episcopal, you will discover a multitude of pieces that come from the different churches, parishes, monasteries, and convents on the island.

Museu de Mallorca

The Museu de Mallorca, considered a scientific and cultural centre, has an extraordinary collection of archaeological, ethnographic, and decorative and industrial art pieces.

Es Baluard

The Es Baluard Museum is the main home for Balearic contemporary art, all wrapped up in a building that preserves the heritage of the Renaissance bastion in which it is located. The old freshwater cistern has been recovered and is currently used to host exhibitions and events.

Miró Mallorca

The Fundació Miró Mallorca is located in an extraordinary architectural complex in the centre of Cala Major. The different buildings, workshops, and gardens house a large part of the great artist's work and showcase his creative spaces, where he lived and worked for almost 30 years.


Fundación Juan March

In the historic centre of Palma, in an old, stately house from the seventeenth century, the Juan March Foundation Museum exhibits its collection of contemporary Spanish art. It also hosts temporary exhibitions periodically and organises cultural activities.

Palau March

This palace, the headquarters of the Bartolomé March Foundation, is the former residence of the March family in the centre of Mallorca. In the decorated rooms of this building, you will find a wealth of works of art – among which sculptures, murals, maps, and the renowned Neapolitan Nativity stand out.

Palma Museum of History

If you want to peruse through Palma's historic past, in this museum you will find part of the legacy of the Roman, Muslim, and Christian periods that have shaped the island’s identity. Located in the essential tourist spot that is Bellver Castle, we recommend taking advantage of the visit to learn about the rich history of Palma.

Krekovic Museum

In 1960, Croatian painter Kristian Kreković settled in Palma, where he continued his artistic career after spending a few years in Peru – years which would profoundly mark his work. In this museum you can contemplate his paintings, which share the space with the General Archive of the Council of Mallorca.


Get to know the cultural centres of Palma –located in beautiful, historic buildings– and the magnificent exhibitions they house.

Casal Solleric

This eighteenth-century palace hosts an extensive programme of temporary exhibitions. The versatility of its spaces allows a wide variety of cultural activities and exhibitions to be undertaken, usually related to the islands or the city.

Can Balaguer

This spectacular building belonged to the Marquises of Reguer, who sponsored different reforms throughout the eighteenth century. In the twentieth century, it was sold to musician Josep Balaguer, who handed it over to the City Council on his death so that it would become the headquarters of the Circle of Fine Arts of Mallorca. The palace is, in and of itself, a permanent exhibition entitled “La casa posible” ("The Possible House"), in which each room holds countless treasures. A room worthy of special mention is the Medieval Hall, in which mural paintings dating from the fourteenth century (the Middle Ages) were discovered in 2016. This room contrasts with the Baroque style of the entire house. It can currently be visited and, once inside, you will discover characteristic elements of medieval domestic architecture.

Caixaforum Palma

The CaixaForum space in Palma is located in a building that is a hallmark of modernism, in what used to be the famous Gran Hotel. This autumn it is hosting exhibitions like “El jardín de Anglada-Camarasa" ("The Garden of Anglada-Camarasa"), which presents oil paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, and clothing in which the flower is the main element.  Likewise, “La Imagen humana: arte, identidades y simbolismo”  ("The Human Image: Art, Identities, and Symbolism") offers us a journey through time and cultures to see how we human beings represent ourselves.


Sa Nostra Cultural Centre

In the historic centre of Palma, you will find this seventeenth-century palace – a place which, thanks to its remodelling, offers a modern space that respects the historical memory of the architectural complex. This cultural centre has several exhibition rooms, as well as a beautiful garden and a courtyard that houses a magnificent restaurant.



Check out the numerous art galleries that you can find in Palma featuring a wide variety of contemporary art to bring new artistic languages and artists closer to the city's residents and visitors.


It is essential to check the schedule with the different events and shows that are put together in Mallorca. In the Teatre Principal and in the various other theatres and halls, you can choose from numerous premiers of theatre, opera, ballet, circus, and even concerts.


From October 18 to 24, the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival will take place for the twelfth time, aiming to create an audiovisual bridge between cultures thanks to a selection of independent and international films.

On November 11, you cannot miss the Festival of Light (also known as the "Show of Eight"), which takes place in La Seu, the Cathedral of Mallorca. During this special celebration, the sun's rays are aligned on the rosette of this Gothic Cathedral, forming a spectacular effect: a phenomenon that only happens on Candlemas (in February) and on Saint Martin's Day (in November).

From November 22 to 26 in Palma, we present TaPalma 2023: a tapas and cocktail fair that you are sure to love. In addition, from October 19 to December 14, more than thirty bakeries participate in the Ruta del Llonguet, an initiative that aims to pay tribute to this traditional bread roll from Palma.