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Consell Insular

Neo-Gothic façade next to the Ajuntament (City Hall)

Next-door to Palma City Hall, we find the Consell Insular de Mallorca, the current governing council of the island of Mallorca. The origin of the building dates back to the old Provincial Government, which had this palace built with a remarkable Neo-Gothic façade designed by the architect Joaquín Pavía y Birmingham in 1882. The sculpted details are the work of the artist Llorenç Ferrer i Martí. Inside the building, the monumental staircase and the assembly hall are of particular interest. The various rooms house remarkable paintings by Mallorcan artists.


For centuries, the monastery of Santo Domingo, a Gothic monument of the first order, stood to the right of the building. Demolished in the early 19th century as a consequence of the law passed by the State to confiscate church property, the site it occupied became the location of new bourgeois residential buildings, which form a splendid urban architectural ensemble from the late 19th century and early 20th century. Of note among them is the current Balearic Islands Parliament building. Initially built as the headquarters of the old Círculo Mallorquín social club, it has a number of magnificent halls, including the former function room, which is now the Parliament chamber.

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