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Courtyards and mansions

Cal Bauló and Cal Capità Flexes

The houses of the privateers

Cal Bauló has been known by various names throughout its history (Can Bonapart, Can Marcó and Can Llull), each referring to the surname of the successive owners. In this same tradition, it assumed the name Can Bauló during the 18th century, in reference to the privateer captain Antoni Bauló who owned the house in around 1715. Bauló, in turn, sold the house to rich merchants, the Mataró family.

Cal Capità Flexes also carries the name of a privateer captain from Tarragona. In 1638, he bought this house which had belonged to the Llull merchants in the 16th century. Flexes was a very well-known figure in his day thanks to his lucrative business as a privateer and  he climbed the ranks of society, eventually becoming the governor of the squadron of Mallorca. When he died, his widow sold the house to another privateer captain, Jaume Sard, so the house also became known as Can Sard at one time.

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