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Inevitably in shape

Palma is a city that gets you active, gets you moving, gets you into sportwhether on the land or at sea, it is all down to your taste. Palma also makes life easy for you: a perfect climate all year round, urban cycle lanes and cycle tourist routes dotted around the island, hiking routes along the coastline that you can walk, run or cycle, up to six golf courses for improving your handicap, the second-largest bay in Europe for water sports… Reasons (and there’s no excuses) that provide a natural form of inspiration to get (or stay) fit. 

  • Deportes nauticos

    An unbeatable array of water sports

    The sea is part of Palma’s DNA. The city wakes up to a deep blue backdrop, and has an intimate relationship with the Mediterranean, which it embraces thanks to its spectacular bay. Water sports take up a prime position in this special relationship, favoured by a unique climate both in terms of the temperature and wind.

  • Bicicleta


    Palma has become a major destination for professionals and amateurs

    Every year, the first pedal strokes of the season take place in Mallorca, where the Playa de Palma Challenge Ciclista Mallorca event, held at the end of January, kicks off the official professional cycling season. This is why it is typical to see numerous professional teams training...

  • Golf


    Mediterranean climate, tradition and the best views
    If you enjoy golf, Palma is the city for you (yet another reason). The reasons are compelling: a Mediterranean climate and a varied and quality offer, with 5 courses located in the municipal area all with 18 holes and very near the city centre and Palma Beach. Do you need more reasons? We have a...

  • Running


    In the mountains or by the sea, either is a (very) good choice
    Whether you take a more urban or a wilder route, by the sea or through a green landscape, on your own or with others, running in Palma is always a pleasure. And we mean always, because the weather invites you to get your legs moving at any time of the year. This is another advantage of...

  • Deportes acuáticos

    Water sports

    Palma is blue, it is sea, it is Mediterranean. Palma also has an extraordinary bay that offers the ideal conditions (in terms of wind and temperature) for sports like windsurfing, water-skiing and kitesurfing, or even kayaking, paddle surfing and swimming.