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Modernism - The influence of Gaudí

A ground-breaking legacy that continues to captivate

Modernism drew on new shapes and colours to break with the prevailing classicism in the early 20th century. In Palma’s case, the city has vibrant and stunning examples of this radical movement, the greatest exponent of which, Antoni Gaudí, left his mark and influence on Mallorca through his legacy in the Cathedral. But Gaudí was not the only one whose footsteps would be followed by local architects: Lluís Domènech i Muntaner also blazed the trail by designing the Gran Hotel, one of the most important modernist buildings in Palma.


Suggested route:

  1. Former Círculo Mallorquín. C/ Conquistador, 11 (Current Balearic Islands Parliament)
  2. Paraires building. Intersection of Carrer dels Paraires and Carrer de les Minyones
  3. Can Roca. C/ Sant Nicolau, 18
  4. Can Canals. Intersection of Carrer de Valero and Costa de Can Poderós
  5. Can Casasayas. Plaça del Mercat, 13-14 -Forn Fondo C/ Unió, 15
  6. Gran Hotel. Plaça Weyler, 33
  7. Forn des Teatre. Plaça Weyler, 9
  8. Almacenes L’Águila. Plaça del Marqués del Palmer, 1
  9. Can Forteza Rey. Carrer de les Monges, 2
  10. Casa de les Mitges. C/ Colom, 11
  11. Can Barceló. Plaça Josep Mª Quadrado, 9
  12. Cathedral of Mallorca, La Seu. Plaça de l’Almoina