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Parishes and churches

Parish church and monumental complex of Santa Creu

Catalan Gothic architecture in a seafarers’ district

Located in the most traditional fishing district in Palma stands the Santa Creu (Holy Cross) monumental complex, which comprises the parish temple, the chapel of Sant Llorenç and a permanent gallery of sacred art. Among the so-called “old parish churches” of the period following the Christian conquest, the church of Santa Creu  is one that maintains the characteristic Catalan Gothic construction on the island. Its foundations also hold one of the city’s architectural treasures: the beautiful crypt-chapel of Sant Llorenç.


A visit to the exhibition hall ties the parish church to the district of seafarers, fishermen, privateer captains, Grand Masters of the Order of Malta and other illustrious characters and anonymous craftsmen who have lived for centuries overlooking the sea.

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