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Iglesia de Santa Eulalia (Saint Eualalia) parish church

Art and history in a site of cultural interest

This Catholic temple, considered a Bien de Interés Cultural (site of cultural interest) since 1931, is named after the patron saint of Barcelona, highly revered by the Christian conquerors from Catalonia. The parish church of Santa Eulalia is located just a stone’s thrown from the emblematic Plaça de Cort, where the imposing Ajuntament (Palma City Hall) building stands.


From the outside, the side walls of the Gothic temple contrast with the main façade and the bell tower, which were rebuilt in the Neo-Gothic style between 1894 and 1903, following the earthquake that struck Mallorca in 1851.


The chapels of this church contain examples of the Mallorcan medieval style, such as the panels of Salvatore Mundi (Francesc Comes), the Dormition of the Virgin and the altarpieces of Santa Lucía, Santa Bárbara and San Blas. It also has numerous Baroque elements, such as the altarpieces of San Bartolomé, Piety and San Eloy.

The monumental character of this temple is due to the fact that it was the largest parish church in Palma during the 13th century. This church also has historical significance, as it was here that Jaume II was crowned King of Mallorca.


The small and intimate square in which the church stands has terraces where you can stop to try some typical local produce, be it an ensaimada or a ‘llonguet’ (sandwich bread) of ‘camaiot’ (cold meat).

Plaza de Santa Eulàlia
07001 Palma

+34 971 714 625

Open to visitors before religious services.