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Iglesia de Montesión (Mount Zion) church – An architectural and historic jewel

Jesuit church built it on the site of the ancient Jewish synagogue

The Iglesia de Montesión (Mount Zion) church is another great example of cultural and historical blending: what was the first seat of the Society of Jesus in Mallorca was built on the site of the ancient Jewish synagogue. The façade or door of the church is, without doubt, its most outstanding feature, adorned with a complex system of pillars consisting of alternating pilasters and Solomonic columns decorated with floral motifs.


The church used to have an exit onto the narrow Carrer del Vent (Wind Street), whose constant breeze lives up to the name. Legend has it that the devil wanted to take the souls of some of the parishioners of this church. And so he asked Jesus, who told him he could take the souls of the people who exited the church out of that side door. The deal was sealed and the devil was left waiting on Carrer del Vent. But Jesus bricked up that entrance so no one could use it. Angered by the deception, the devil left in a rage, blowing a ferocious gale, and he promised that the wind would never stop blowing in that alley. And so it is to this day...


Calle de Monti-Sion, 22
07001 Palma

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Open to visitors, except during mass
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