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Centre Maimó ben Faraig

Historical centre of Judaism in Palma

The Maimó ben Faraig Centre is located in Palma’s old quarter and its purpose is to raise awareness of the history of Jewish culture in Mallorca. From the outside, visitors can see the Almudaina gate, which lends its name to the street on which it stands. Inside, you can see the ancient Roman walls, which helps you to visualise what the Jewish quarters were like, also with the help of the photographs and maps in the permanent exhibition.


The Maimó Ben Faraig Centre serves as the centre for understanding of Jewish culture in the city, and as one of Palma’s municipal tourist information offices.

Calle de l'Almudaina, 9
07001 Palma

+34 971 225 599 - 1226

From Monday to Saturday: from 10 am to 3 pm