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Modernist building

Can Casasayas - Modernist symmetry

Wavy façades gazing at each other

The modernist route around Palma features the Can Casasayas building and the Pensión Menorquina as two visual reference points. These are two buildings designed with original symmetry and dynamism, inspired by the Art Nouveau modernist movement. These are two identically executed, symmetrical buildings, separated by Carrer de Santacília. They were built at the request of Josep Casasayas Casajuana, the owner of the Can Frasquet pastry shop. The project was led by Francesc Roca, who directed the first phase of work. They were completed under the direction of Guillem Reynés.

The ground floors externalise structural elements like the metal columns. The upper floors have a wavy design and finishing that achieves great dynamism and plasticity. The metalwork on the balconies and the woodwork on the windows complete this effect. The openings assume the shape of parabolic arches and various other forms. This defined, visually dynamic finishing enables us to classify the work as part of the Art Nouveau modernist movement. There is no abundance of decorative features, but stylish representations of ferns, acanthus leaves and butterflies appear, mainly on the capitals and the wrought iron belonging to the balconies.


Costa de Can Santacília, 8
07001 Palma