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Modernist building

Can Forteza Rey - Palma’s modernist jewel

The undeniable influence of Casa Batlló and Park Güell

One of the essential works for lovers of art. The characteristics of this modernist building are in line with the modernist Art Nouveau trend, which uniquely incorporates the stylistic decoration of the façade into the interior design; a clear example of the strong influence of Catalan modernism, especially from the works of Gaudí (Casa Batlló and Park Güell).


Can Forteza Rey is a five-storey building originally designed for housing. It is named after the driving force behind it, Forteza Rey, who carried out the decoration of the interior and the plan for the façade. The extravagant sculptural decoration of the galleries and enclosed balconies captures the eye, with botanical, floral and animal themes superimposed onto the wall canvas. A hideous face flanked by winged dragons on the second floor stands out.

The building is completed with rich decor, where the use of mosaics (broken multi-coloured tiles arranged irregularly) on the exterior walls, ceramic plates and discs takes precedence. The variety of arches used in the shaping of the bays and the combination of stone, iron, wooden and glass materials should also be noted.

Inside, the lobby decor stands out, comprising a ceiling decorated with a mosaic pattern, a parabolic Gaudian arch, wrought iron banisters on the staircase and a floral motif stained glass window.

Plaza del Marquès del Palmer, 1
07001 Palma