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Mercat de Santa Catalina - Modernity and tradition, the perfect combination

A cosmopolitan setting and an extensive gastronomic offer

The Santa Catalina market blends in perfectly with its neighbourhood: a modern and cosmopolitan setting with clientele from all over the world. And yet, it has preserved stalls and spaces that retain the personality of the local area and the island. Its proximity to La Lonja fish market means it is well worth trying the fish, although the premium butcher's shops are an instant temptation.


On Saturdays, it is a very popular spot to have a drink or to taste some wine and cheese. No need to rush, of course. In Palma, you just need to go with the flow...

Plaza de la Navegació, s/n
07013 Palma

+34 971 730 710

From 7 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday