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The Golden Mile - A wonderful wander through the commercial heart of Palma

Big names, little (or large) treats

Palma has its own golden mile. And it is located between Passeig del Born, the main gateway to the city for many tourists (stone lions included), Carrer de Sant Feliu and the broad and stately Avinguda de Jaume III, with its porticoes on either side. In this area, you can find many large retailers from both Spain and abroad, interspersed with bars, traditional cafés and restaurants so you can recharge your batteries (shopping is tiring... and it makes you thirsty and hungry).


This golden mile is also home to the Casal Solleric exhibition centre. Its courtyard is one of the few in Palma that is open for visitors, and it is one of the best. So, there is absolutely no reason not to discover the heart of Palma’s shopping district, which is a luxury in itself...