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Consolat de Mar

Arches looking out to sea

If you walk along Palma’s seafront promenade, either side is a pleasure: on one side you have the sea, and on the other, the city of Palma. And just like La Lonja, the Consolat de Mar is one of the closest and most eye-catching buildings. Also like La Lonja, its construction was instigated by the powerful Colegio de la Mercancía de Mallorca (Mallorca Merchants’ Association) and, although it has since undergone remodelling and modernisation work, it is still a unique monumental building.

This building currently houses the presidency of the Balearic Islands regional government. The façade of the Consolat de Mar has three levels. The main floor has a gallery of five diminished arches with banded columns and a balustrade; five doors with triangular pediments lead off this gallery. On the side of the building facing La Lonja stands the old chapel of La Lonja, in the Gothic style, completed in the year 1600.

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