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Emblematic shops - Unique and incomparable shops

Shop fronts with collective memory and identity

The history of Palma is extremely visible: in its streets, in its monuments and in its shops. The city has 114 shops considered to be ‘emblematic’, a distinction awarded to those establishments that, apart from their commercial focus (unique offer and wealth generation), represent a point of pride in the collective memory of the city.


Their unique window displays can be visited on a tour, either on your own or with a guide — yet another way to explore the city. These are craft shops, basket makers, chocolate shops, fabric shops, bakeries, as well as pastry shops, bars and cafés that characterise the city and its neighbourhoods. Shops that shape social relationships and that are unique and incomparable. They are only found in Palma and so they are part of our heritage to be preserved and shared with you.

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