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Catamaran - Sea, views, music and sunsets

Catamaran trips offer you another way to experience Palma

A perfect plan (blue, refreshing, with views and music) for an evening in Palma could be a trip on a catamaran, departing from the Golondrinas dock, opposite the Auditorium de Palma de Mallorca. There are a number of companies that offer trips that set sail in the evening and return to the city in time for the sunset, which further enhances Palma’s skyline. On board, you have a bar service, food buffet and a DJ who provides the rhythm for every moment.


You can choose between various available routes: to Cala Bella, with an ocean swim and dinner there, and also to the Es Trenc beach with its turquoise waters, either on a full-day trip or morning and evening cruises.

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