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Is there a better place to get together?

Palma is one of the best cities in the world to visit and live in. It is also great for organising work events, conferences and meetings. On top of its climate, location and cultural and artistic heritage, you can add the fact that it is a very well-connected city, with a modern and functional Convention Centre and a wide range of hotels renovated to a high standard to ensure comfort, security and motivation. Because in Palma, coming together is inspiring.

A well connected city









A leading convention centre 

The Palma Convention Centre is a great place for holding all kinds of events. To start with, its location (on the seafront) offers brilliant views, and it is just 5 minutes from the airport and a 15-minute walk to the old town and cathedral.  

Then there is its capacity: designed by architect Patxi Mangado, the building has two auditoriums, with a capacity of 1,966 and 471 people respectively. It also has a large exhibition area which resembles an open cave overlooking the sea, allowing the Mediterranean light to enter through its grand windows, as well as several fully functional meeting rooms of differing sizes. A palace made for you...just like Palma.

  • Exhibition area

    Exhibition area

  • Auditorium


  • Convention Centre

    Convention Centre

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Hotels in Palma

Hotels in Palma 5* 4* 3* 2* Total
Number of hotels 15 39 3 3 60
Number of beds 1978 6593 583 301 9455

Hotels in Playa de Palma

Hotels in Playa de Palma 5* 4* 3* 2* Total
Number of hotels 4 51 46 7 108
Number of beds 1639 17868 12342 1246 33095