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The cycling season starts in Palma

Palma has become a major destination for professionals and amateurs

Every year, the first pedal strokes of the season take place in Mallorca, where the Playa de Palma Challenge Ciclista Mallorca event, held at the end of January, kicks off the official professional cycling season. This is why it is typical to see numerous professional teams training around the city and the island at the beginning of every year. In addition to this main event, you can also check the calendar to see the other cycling competitions held in the city and in Mallorca on the website of the Federació de Ciclisme de les Illes Balears (Balearic Islands Cycling Federation).

The mild climate Palma has to offer in the winter undoubtedly influences the decision to train in this location. The good weather is also a factor that attracts amateur cyclists, who also have two routes in the city that run along the coast, adding a sea breeze and a pinch of salt to the experience.


Passeig Marítim
This is also a very popular route among walkers and runners. This is understandable as the landscape can be enjoyed at any pace. The most popular leg of the route is the one that links Porto Pi and S’Arenal, crossing the neighbourhoods of Portixol and El Molinar, as well as the Palma Beach area. It is a flat route.


Ruta Litoral
The Ruta Litoral coastal path in Palma is a gift in the form of landscapes. It starts at the Aula del Mar, in Portixol, and it goes as far as Cala Estància, a blue-flag certified beach. Along the path, which runs through Passeig del Molinar, Ciutat Jardí, Es Penyó and Cala Gamba, you can enjoy the rich natural and ethnological heritage of Palma's coastline.
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Do you want to hire a bike?
Palma City Council wants to make it easy for you to pedal around. This is why it offers the BiciPalma service, a public system that makes it easy to get around the city thanks to a fleet of 290 bikes and a network of bike paths covering over 90 kilometres. And if you arrived on your own bike, don’t worry: Palma has 385 parking spaces for non-motorised two-wheeled vehicles.
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