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Iglesia de Sant Jaume (Saint James) parish church

An example of Gothic architecture with a single nave

The Iglesia de Sant Jaume (Saint James) church is one of the four oldest parish churches in Palma, alongside those of Santa Eulalia, Sant Miquel and Santa Creu. It is also located on one of the most elegant streets in Palma, where boutique hotels are interspersed with historic bars and gastronomic establishments, as well as art galleries. To convince you once and for all, and to help you find your way around, you have Avinguda de Jaume III just a short distance away, one of the commercial arteries of the city.


As for the church itself, it is a good example of single-nave Gothic architecture. Its entrance was remade in 1776 by the Mallorcan sculptor Miquel Tomàs, who decorated it with rocaille and a bust of James the Apostle. Inside are two important relics of Baroque art: the canvases in the chapel of Santo Cristo (Holy Christ) by Miquel Pons Cantallops, and the San Cayetano (Saint Cajetan) altarpiece.


The small proportions make the Iglesia de Sant Jaume (Saint James) church a place of great simplicity and beauty. The coats of arms of the benefactors who contributed to the building of the church are preserved on the keystones of the vault. In this respect, the church is a true heraldic treasure trove.

Calle de Sant Jaume, 10
07012 Palma

+34 971 723 130

Open to visitors, except during mass.