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Casa de l’Almoina

Renaissance legacy

The Casa de l’Almoina house is the gateway to Palma Cathedral for tourists, which is why it sometimes goes unnoticed. Yet it deserves a careful and deliberate examination, as the architectural and decorative symmetry of its façade offers us one of the finest examples of Renaissance civil architecture in Palma. The work has to be attributed to a late follower of Guillem Sagrera or to one of his pupils. What about the name of the house? It appears to refer to the tradition of giving coins (alms) to the poor who begged at the door to the neighbouring temple.

To return to the architectural value of the house and its façade, we see that it has a pointed archway leading to the ground floor. It is flanked by two square flared windows. On the upper floor, a balcony with a simple iron railing frames the building.


Inside there are two rectangular floors with beautifully moulded coffered ceilings, and the remains of a geometric mural on the walls of the lower floor, which today serves as the entrance to the Cathedral Museum. A narrow spiral staircase leads to the upper floor, where the Cathedral Archive and research room is located.


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