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  • Want to film in Palma?

    Palma is a gift for the senses…and this seeps through the screen. Whether it is for filming a report on the city or to use it as the setting for audio-visual productions, the Palma Film Office will help you with everything you need.  


    Palma Film Office
    PalmaActiva · Ajuntament de Palma 
    C/ Socors, 22 · 07002 · Palma 
    Tel. 900 139 138 — 971 214 680 

  • Press room

    If you are interested in what we have got to say about Palma, or if you are thinking about writing a report on Mallorca’s capital as a tourist destination, 

    at Fundación Turismo Palma 365, we would like to offer you all the support you need, sharing, as a premise, our passion for the city we fall in love with every single day.


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