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Toy Museum


In the Toy Museum you can see a selection of some three thousand pieces of the seven thousand that comprise the collection of Ton Boig Clar:  Toys from all around the world: Spain, Germany, Japan, America. 

Toys of many types: dolls, theatres, building sets, cardboard horses.  Toys from the 19th century to the present day. 

Toys in all types of material: wood, tin, celluloid, cardboard. 

Toys that work in different ways: string, batteries, electricity, alcohol. 

Artisanal, traditional and industrial toys.  The Toy Museum is considered one of the best in Spain thanks to its number of pieces, quality, variety and original presentation. 

The toys you will see are real survivors.

The useful life of these objects is usually very short, as eighty per cent of them break in the first few days of being played with or are put to one side until they are thrown away. 

Toys are a mirror to society, they represent the world in miniature, they are a microhistory reflecting the technology and design and the social, educational and aesthetic values of each moment in history. 

Who has not played at some stage? 

Are you ready to be reunited with the toys from when you were little, and return to the one and only lost paradise: childhood? 

Antoni Roig Clar started his collection, Col.lecció Ton Boig Clar, in Barcelona in 1975, the city where he was studying Fine Art and Teaching at university. Since then, he has acquired toys and has collected donations from members of the public, reaching the seven thousand items of toys of all types. 

Archaeological, traditional and musical toys, clay whistles (Majorcan siurells), nativities, piggy banks, and children's theatres, to building toys ... Toys that display the development of transportation: boats, sailing ships, launches, trains, planes, helicopters, pedal cars and racing cars, space craft. Human and animal figures and automatons brought to life with strings or batteries: cardboard horses, scooters, skates, tricycles, puppet theatres, table football. Dolls (in porcelain, celluloid, cardboard, rubber, plastic), dolls houses with miniature furniture, various awnings, kitchens, beds, children's kitchenware, carts, horses, rockers and toys to be used in the street (hoops, diabolos, bows, skates, etc.).